In this context, I will try to discuss GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 review with complete features. Maybe many of us have GoPro Hero 9. Still, a question remains. Do I need the GoPro 10 or is the GoPro 9 the perfect gadget for you? All these questions will be answered in this content. I will try to discuss this GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 in detail in this content. Also, I have previously written two separate content detailing GoPro 10 and GoPro 9. You can also watch if you want. Now in this content, I will only try to highlight the differences between these two cameras.

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9

  1. Processor
  2. Image Quality
  3. Lenses and Cap
  4. Frame Rate
  5. Weight and Webcam powers

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 – Processor

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 - Processor

First, let’s talk about their processor. Because the GoPro 10 and GoPro 9 have not seen much change on the outside, we are directly discussing its processor. The processor used in GoPro Hero 9 is GP1 and GoPro Hero 10 uses a GP2 processor. These two processors are GoPro’s processors and these two processors ie GP1 to GP2 performance is double. One thing to note here is that after every update of any product all companies want to maintain the quality of their new product. Which has spread here too. You’ll generally experience much better smoothness with the GoPro 10 than you’ll experience with the GoPro 9.

I have described the details about this separately in my other content. But one thing that is worth noting is their transition system. When using the GoPro 9’s screen in general, you’ll notice that it gets stuck and works a little slow. That’s why the new GoPro 10 uses a more advanced processor to eliminate this problem. When you use any transition on its screen or display, you will understand its smoothness. In this case, I would personally say that the processor of the GoPro hero 10 is twice as powerful as the GoPro Hero 9 and you can buy the GoPro hero 10 if you want to keep this in mind.

Image Quality

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 - Image Quality

Now let’s talk about the image quality of GoPro 10 and GoPro 9. As I said earlier, all advanced bands want to make their new update product more advanced and timely. In this case, he is no exception. The GoPro Hero 9 can shoot at 20 megapixels and has Hypersmooth image processing, which makes the image sharper, while the GoPro Hero 10 can shoot at 23 megapixels with Hypersmooth image processing. But the biggest difference here is that GoPro hero 10 has newly added 3D noise reduction which further increases its usability. However, this camera is not a 3D camera and cannot capture such images. But when they are videotaped in low light, their difference is clear. GoPro hero 10 can remove many unwanted things.

But in the end, it can be said that the difference between the two cameras is quite large. And that is certainly normal. Because, after a long time, they have updated their new camera in the market. Certainly made several improvements to their new product.

Lenses and Caps

Lenses cap

Let us now know about their landscape. The lens of both cameras can be opened and used again when needed. Although in general no such difference can be found in reality their difference is very much. GoPro Hero 10’s lens uses Hydrophobic Protein. That’s why the video quality remains the same even after staying in water for a long time and the bubbles sticking to the lens are much less. As a result, it will be possible to capture more realistic images than before. If we talk about the GoPro hero 9 then it can be said that it has some problems after being underwater for a long time. The problems were not that big though. However, when the underwater bubbles stuck to the lens, the quality of the video was somewhat compromised.

Finally, it can be said that the video capture is much improved in the new update. Since these are action cameras and all the videos recorded in them must be clear and perfect, it would be a good idea for you to buy GoPro Hero 10.

Frame Rate

Frame rate

Now let’s talk about the most important thing, the camera. As I mentioned earlier, these types of action cameras always capture high-quality videos. So its frame rate is very important. Let’s first know about their frame rate. GoPro hero 9 could record video at 5.3K resolution at 30fps which is now updated to GoPro Hero 10 to record video at 5.3K resolution at 60fps. Earlier most of the time, hardly anyone was shooting video at 30fps on the GoPro hero 9. Because the quality of video recording at 30fps is not very good and the video does not have smoothness. So many people did not shoot a 30fps video on GoPro hero 9 due to poor video quality.

But now GoPro hero 10 comes with the advantage of recording videos at 60fps at 5.3K resolution. Through which it is now possible to capture any video at 5.3K at 60fps and it can capture much better quality videos than before. Now it is said that most of the time many people try to keep the battery backup of their camera for a long time. However, when recording 60fps video, the battery drains a lot of charges, so the battery backup does not last long. In this case, many people do not want to record video in 5.3K. If you are one of them then you need to think twice before purchasing a GoPro hero 10.

Weight and Webcam powers

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 - wieght

Now let’s talk about their weight difference. Unsurprisingly, the GoPro hero 10 weighs a little less than the GoPro hero 9. Earlier when the GoPro her 9 came on the market it was much heavier than GoPro 8. Meanwhile, GoPro hero 10 has added several new features and made it better than before. Naturally, everyone expected this camera to weigh more than the old model. But the GoPro company proved everyone wrong by bringing GoPro hero 10 of 153g to the market where GoPro hero 9 was 158g. It is indeed a remarkable aspect.

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 Buying Guide

GoPro 10 vs GoPro 9 - buying giude

Now the decision is yours. You decide which one will be best for you depending on your needs. I am putting the link to these two cameras above. If you want, you can buy this camera directly from Amazon here. If you buy the camera using this link then you will also get a good discount. Because now I have given my coupon directly which will work for you for 24 hours. Moreover, if you want to know more details about GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 10, then you can read these blogs written by me. thank you